Find out what has been going on lately



The ZL4LF 2017 Graduation will be done in July, for three different day; 6th, 9th and 13th July. Many activities will be organized such as Running, Singing, Dancing, Bonanza, Eating Competition and many more. Please stay in touch to get updates for this memorable day. Stay close for the updates of this memorable occasion.


ZL4LF and International School of Zanzibar will officially run the Karate Course for the Kids, starting on Tuesday 23rd May, 2017. The course will run three days in a week i.e Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00pm - 5:30pm and Saturday from 3:30pm - 5:00pm


The students who had the opportunity to go to the Practical Permaculture Institute just graduated and will now teach our students what they have learned. Many thanks to the Rotary Club and the Daraja Foundation.


The Chakula Hai Club organized a beautiful dinner for our volunteers with a sunset over the roofs of Stone Town.


The first loan-applicants have been granted the loans and successfully started their own businesses.

Check out Abdulling's success story here


Two new volunteers, Katherina and Tina, just arrived and will be teaching the Chakula Hai Club about healthy nutrition and much more.


We had a great fieldtrip with the students and a fierce debate about the topic of technology. We went to the Jozani park, visited a mystical cave and had a great day at Kizimkazi.


Alex, another volunteers from Germany, just arrived and will be supporting the German classes and the school in various other ways.


Microfinance Projects have just started and students have the opportunity to apply for loans and financial support towards their education and career.


Registration for 2017 classes has just been completed.  Over 250 students are now ready to improve their English language skills.


Gasica is updating the Zanzibar Rotary Club, Stone Town with news about his visit to the UK and his exciting future plans - date to be confirmed