Volunteer Stories

At ZL4LF we give volunteers the opportunity to experience a rich variety of activities. They can choose to work on a farm, in the bicycle workshop or in the classroom, learn Swahili in the Hujambo Sijambo Club, be served a dinner by the Chakula Hai Club or travel around Zanzibar and see some of the most beautiful attractions Zanzibar has to offer.

Here are some of the recent volunteers' experiences and stories:


Rainer Maroska (70), pensioned school director


Do you know the Tingatinga artstyle of Tanzania? You will experience everyday life in Zanzibar just as colourful, diverse, mystic, rich in variety and sometimes chaotic. But at the same time people are proud of the tradition of the local culture and the flora and fauna, and they are deeply rooted in their religion.

And like with a sugarcane press we "Wazungu" get squeezed out by the inquisitive, curious and ambitious students of all ages, who are always keen to acquire more knowledge and skills.

Zanzibar can look forward to seeing this new generation grow up and shape the future of the country.

Jonathan Becker (17) STudent


I finished high school last year and came to Zanzibar expecting to teach and give back, but also to learn and to get a new perspective. However, I was surprised by the welcoming, friendly and happy community that made these three months one of the best experiences in my life, that I would not want to have missed. I can only recommend to anyone to come here and experience this for themselves.

At ZL4LF I was not limited to teaching German and English, but came into contact with the students outside of school and experienced Zanzibar not like a tourist, but like a local. Furthermore the different activities we did together with the students allowed us to see the parts of the country we would have missed otherwise.

To read more about my experiences, check out my blog on experienceZanzibar.wordpress.com


We are Tina and Katharina and were volunteering in Zanzibar for six weeks. We are 25 years old, have a degree in nursing and are currently studying Health Care Management.

In Zanzibar, we are volunteering in a project which is called “Chakula Hai“. The project focuses on the elements of a healthy nutrition. We have developed a nutrition program and teach our students about essential nutrients and which tasks they take in the body; give them examples for a wholesome nutrition as well a the adequate preparation of food.

To ensure the sustainability of our program, we are developing a manual for all teaching units. The manual can then be used by other volunteers, as well as by current students. Our aim is to provide guidelines so that the program can still be implemented actively after our departure.

Our students are eager to learn and very determined. Working with them as well as with the program coordinators Gasica and Arsheen is among the highlights of our stay. Their friendly and open attitude encourages us in all our activities. Besides our volunteer placement, we have also gained many other positive experiences. The warm Zanzibari culture as well as the beautiful beaches in Zanzibar will definitely make our stay abroad an unforgettable experience!