In Zanzibar many businesses are sceptical about local employment skills.  So, working with Zanzibar Schools Project, we have developed a course to help students prepare for the job market.  Topics include communication skills, employer expectations and how to find employment. We have links to businesses and educational establishments that regularly give further training or internships to ZL4LF graduates. Long term, we plan to run workshops around the island, sponsored by employers. Due to recent training, we are self-sufficient in management, accounting and website design.


ZL4LF graduates attend KAWA Training Centre, an NGO that trains local people to be tour guides so that they can benefit from the island's tourism industry. 

One Ocean runs diving expeditions around Zanzibar.  ZL4LF graduates who trained with the company are now qualified to lead diving and scuba diving expeditions.


Local cafes and restaurants recruit from ZL4LF for waiters, waitresses and other catering staff.  Currently our graduates are working at Lukmaan, the Taperia and Radha Café.