We prepare young men and women for life through
sustainable education and micro-finance

You need commitment to change your life for the better and you can learn from every experience and set back. Zanzibar Learning 4 Life Foundation (ZL4LF) is an NGO that helps young people transform what may seem to be impossible in their lives into the achievable.  We emphasise excellence in communication, as well as the development of personal qualities such as perseverance. In particular, we focus on English language skills to improve the chances of success in school examinations and in finding work.

ZL4LF (formerly known as PLCI) engages with people around the world who share our vision for improving lives and realising potential.  We offer sustainable education - our businesses support the costs associated in running the classes.  These businesses also provide vocational training that helps prepare students for finding jobs or setting up their own enterprises. We believe in equal opportunities for all, regardless of sex or religious affiliation.

From a Firm Foundation to Success 4 Life

ZL4LF was started in 2006 by Gasica (Shafii Mwita Haji), an inspirational young Zanzibari man. Student numbers quickly increased and now, more than 250 students are taking courses.  The classrooms were funded by the local community with some outside assistance.  The current building includes bedrooms for orphans and homeless young people while they prepare for life.

Inspired by models of sustainable education, Gasica set up businesses that would be successful in the local community. They are run by students to give them practical experience, but it’s also the opportunity to learn more about leadership, management and finance.  Graduates have the confidence to set up their own businesses and a microfinance scheme helps translate dreams into reality.





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