Inspired by models of sustainable education, we set up businesses that will be successful in the local community. They are run by students to give them practical skills and experience of leadership, management, customer service and finance.  Some graduates set up their own businesses and a microfinance scheme helps translate dreams into reality. 

Zanzibar Bicycles 4 Life

Our bicycle business repairs bicycles and rents them to students, volunteers and the public.  Team members are trained to give cycling tours to tourists. They learn to give good customer service and teach young children how to ride bicycles safely.  Bicycles from Canada and the UK are "recycled" to happy customers in Zanzibar - thank you to our kind sponsors.

Zanzibar Chakula Hai 4 Life

Chakula Hai teaches nutrition and wellbeing to students and prepares young people to work in the hospitality industry. Students progress to internships offered by hotels and restaurants. The business side of Chakula Hai offers meals cooked to traditional recipes to tourists and is working with Global Bridges, Canada on a cookbook.  Students also cater for a breakfast program at Mazizini orphanage, as well as cooking food for regular outings and events at ZL4LF.

Zanzibar Chickens 4 Life

Our farm was built with help from the community and students at ZL4LF. The aim is to train students on chicken farming and eco-friendly permaculture.  Students learn business management and marketing as our produce is sold locally and wholesale.