Fluency in spoken English can be the route to a successful life.  But rudimentary language teaching in government schools means that students lack confidence in English. Our courses for students of 8 and over are taught by outstanding former students who inspire with their love of language. We also run courses to teach the vocabulary of particular careers, for example English for the hospitality industry.

Tour guides in Zanzibar need to be fluent in an additional European language.  To help with these career aspirations, we are offer French and German, helped by visiting volunteers. Our goal is to train students so that they can become the future language teachers at ZL4LF. 

Books and Computers 4 Life

Our students don’t have access to resources, so our library and computer rooms are popular!  We lend books on science, maths, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, language books and business manuals. Our computer room is equipped thanks to the Rotary Club of Zanzibar and we have internet access (thanks to Zanlink!)  Our computer technician does a great job in renovating equipment from overseas - so if you are visiting Zanzibar, please leave us your laptop!

Hujambo Sijambo 4 Life

We want to build global connections and create opportunities for new and lasting friendships.  We encourage students to learn about new cultures and other ways of life. Hujambo Sijambo connects students through pen pal programmes using email or snail mail! We provide Swahili lessons for volunteers and expats and in return they share their culture and skills with students.